Technical Support

The three technical support is the support of field engineers, the support of expert support center, R & D center solution support.

Site engineer support: through on-site processing engineers on-site fault, problem solving, site inspection and other services, troubleshooting and removal of hidden dangers, the network system to maintain stable and efficient system operation. 
Support center expert support: China's support center is set up in Shanghai, in order to provide reliable support and help to the users in china. 
R & D center solution support: through the R & D team of the headquarters product line, the R & D team will provide system support including software patches, etc.. 

Two support teams: remote technical support and field technical support.

Remote technical support: when the user is general technical problems to Shanghai as the beginning of Mdt InfoTech Ltd to provide support when connected to the seat support center through the technology of expert system platform for remote technical support, technical support specialists according to the problems in accordance with the level of response time provide solutions in a timely manner, to assist the user until the end of the problem solving specific problems. 
Technical support: when needed or emergency, Shanghai as the beginning of Mdt InfoTech Ltd through technical support system or user demand information, responsible for the area of service project manager for the first time to send experienced technical support engineer, through technical support platform support and guidance, through a combination of on-site and remote support way to solve the problem of various processing. 
When the need for equipment inspection system, network monitoring, relocation, holidays on site service, in accordance with the contents and requirements of the service agreement, service project manager will communicate with the user after sending the corresponding service engineers on-site service.

Technical support team

① Technical support services project manager is a link to the area maintenance service.
Service project manager in the service contract, according to the service content, service contract, service scope, service level, service time and other related information, leading the first time to contact the user and technical experts to develop a detailed service plan and guarantee measures; arrangement of service resources, the implementation of the service requirements, by calling the company internal and external resources and information system, to maximize the rational use of various resources to meet the requirements of the contract and guarantee. Therefore, through the service manager of the service contract management, the implementation of the contract, to achieve service objectives.
② The project manager calls the technology support engineer.
In order to ensure the full utilization and management of the resources of the engineers, the project engineer of Mdt InfoTech Ltd in Shanghai belongs to the engineer support team. Arrange on- site service according to the project manager's application to the engineer support team. Therefore, engineers can improve their working ability by sharing their work experience. Call the cross regional engineer of the service project manager to ensure the timely and adequate assurance of the resources and service quality.