Qualification Honor

HUAWEI Certified Dealer —— original
HUAWEI Certified Dealer —— duplicate
Huawei Gold Dealer —— original

HUAWEI Authorized Dealers —— original
ADVA Authorizedr
R-net commissioned the manufacture of brand power of attorney

Avic-quality Management System Certification(中文)
Avic-quality Management System Certification
Certificate Of Approval

Certificate Of Approval(中文)
Veeam-Propartner Availability Fortinet-Silver Partner
Hillstone-Technical Service Center

Juniper Reseller Partner Dell-Registered Partner
- Channel Partner Program Emc-emc Qualified Business Partners
Grandstream-Certificate Of Authorization

Zyxel-General Agent Of Data Communication Product Line In China
Huawei-Certification Certificate
Huawei-Partner Sales Contribution Award

Seca-Director Of The Unit
Seca-a Member Of The(CCIT)
Seca-a Member Of The(康巴特)

Inspur-Power Of Attorney Hillstone-Gold Dealer Check Point H3c-Channel Certification
qianlima.com-Excellent Supplier
alibaba.com Assessed Supplier Zte-Certificate Of Authorization