CCIT IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit)


International Private Leased Circuit(IPLC)

International Private Leased Circuit (International Private Leased Circuit) is a point-to-point permanent digital connection service that is unique to customers based on international transmission networks. It is easy to carry voice, data and video services, and has low circuit error rate. The characteristics of small delay and excellent network quality can provide customers with the best service quality and have become one of the preferred solutions for high-end customers to conduct international communication. The target customer base is mainly government agencies, large and medium-sized international companies and international communication operators.


IPLC can be divided into half circuit mode and full circuit mode depending on the type of service

IPLC full circuit means China Unicom provides from ITMC to the opposite operator. The entire link of the POP point. If a local extension circuit is included, it can be called an end-to-end full circuit service.

全电路 EN.png 

International full circuit


IPLC International half circuit refers to China Unicom providing half of the link between ITMC and the POP point of the opposite operator. If a local extension circuit is included, it can be called a half-circuit service.

半电路 EN.png 

International half circuit



Features and advantages:


High quality all-digital circuit with low bit error rate

High quality, safe and reliable connectivity, while the loop-back delay between Chinese and American PoP is only 185ms.

Multi-routing, multi-channel, self-healing ring and other means of protection

Provide customers with secure, reliable bandwidth, and PoP to PoP availability is no less than 99.9%.

CNC’s right to operate in the current optical cable, satellite, cable system, covering Chinese domestic network

To ensure global, national access and expansion capacity, 100% coverage of the northern region, 35 working days to enlighten Hong Kong, Taiwan, 45 working days to enlighten the United States, the rest of Asia


Flexible and varied service methods

To meet the individual needs of customers

Competitive prices

To provide customers with high-quality, low-cost services

Advanced means of network operation and management

7*24 real-time monitoring, rapid response to ensure the stable operation of the circuit.

Customer Support & Consulting Services

Experienced manager to provide one-stop service


Application Scenarios:  

Data communication between foreign headquarters and domestic branches:

1. Branches and headquarters carry out data transmission of OA, mail, finance, etc.(System like ERP, CRM, OA, etc.)

2. The branch can be connected to the Internet through IPLC with the headquarters uniformly

数据通信案例(OA ERP CRM).png 

Voice communication between foreign headquarters and domestic branches:

1. Branch and headquarters use VOIP technology for internal voice calls

2. It can achieve Voice VPN to hold an internal conference call through Gateway


Video communication between foreign headquarters and domestic branches:

The branch holds a video conference with the headquarters, which can be performed through a professional terminal or a desktop terminal.



Specifications (According to customer needs, we can provide RJ45 interface.)


Circuit type


Interface type



Client V.35,X.21 ITMC G.703









G.703(CMI) Optical port/G.957


Target customers and typical applications


Typical demand bandwidth

Typical applications


6661.pngTelecommunication operators



Voice business

Circuit split resale

Meet one-stop requirements of MNC

China and Hong Kong full circuit



33.pngLarge and medium-sized enterprise(e.g. Dell, Citibank)

512K- n x 2M

Multi-channel voice, internal ERP/OA information

Wide coverage across the country

Beijing local coverage


w1.pngSmall enterprise( law office, xxx agency )

N*64K, almost <512K

2-3 lines of voice

Small internal data transfer

Flexible price

One-stop service


China Unicom has global access

As the telecommunications hub of China Unicom Group in Southeast Asia, China Unicom Singapore has rich international private leased circuit (IPLC) network resource in the territorial Point-of-Presence and comprehensive connectivity to neighboring countries.


Our rich and extensive global network international private leased circuit (IPLC) covers more than 100 countries using multiple in-house direct connections. Our worldwide partnership agreement with more than 85 international carriers allows for a comprehensive connection to anywhere in the world. China Unicom Singapore provides a wide range of innovative service offerings such as VolP voice, leased line, Internet service and ICT total solution. We will cordially support your business needs in Singapore and surrounding districts.








Sea cable resources Introduction 



China Unicom Domestic Backbone Network

With extensive and deep routed network spread across the entire China, China Unicom provides you with secure, reliable and quality assured domestic connectivity covering all prefecture level cities of 31 provinces.



China Unicom Point of Presence (POP)

China Unicom is committed to aid our customers to have connectivity worldwide. By tapping into our ever growing Point of Presence, our customers are able to fully utilized our global presence of more than 80 POPs.



Operation experience advantages

We are one of the largest fixed-line network operators in China, and our customers include: government, Banks, taxation, education, multinational companies and so on. We have won the trust of customers with its strong network guarantee and high-quality network service, which is also the concrete embodiment of the carrier-level network service pursued by other operators. After years of operation, we have provided a large number of customers with high-quality communication services and accumulated valuable experience.


Backup disaster recovery technical support

We understand the importance of ensuring that our customers have a reliable network to meet their needs. As a result, we have comprehensive backup solutions and disaster recovery plans to handle network outages in the shortest possible time. Our self-healing network design also ensures that our customers are connected to other routes to ensure that business operations are not affected. 


Key account center

Responsible for the business related work with customers, responsible for the organization of the return visit to customers, set up a special account manager responsible for customer service, tracking and coordination of various issues raised by customers.

Network engineering department:

Responsible for the customer's engineering project organization, implementation, acceptance and other work, and responsible for the large line relocation work.

Overall maintenance commitment of after-sales service

According to the specific requirements of this project, we will provide the maintenance service of the dedicated line within the contract period, and no additional line use and maintenance fees will be charged. The overall commitment is as follows:


Daily maintenance:

We have a unified platform to deal with the problem, and also set up a key customer service center, as the link between the contact and communication maintenance support department, responsible for collecting, tracking, processing, feedback of various problems reported by users, to provide the most intimate service to customers.

We have professional maintenance support personnel, can provide 7 x 24 hours of maintenance requirements, can provide users with stable network operation quality and timely information feedback.

We have professional technical improvement analysts who can guide and help users to improve all service quality. Stable support team, regular inspection, timely detection of hidden dangers, preventive measures to reduce line fault.

We shall inspect all end-to-end circuits, equipment and cables provided by all connection points of this project every six months, and submit the inspection results to customers in written form. If the circuit needs to be interrupted for switch due to maintenance reasons, our company will notify the purchaser to make relevant preparations at least 48 hours in advance (except for major natural disasters).


Fault handling

We provide designated account manager responsible for immediate response within 7 * 24 * 4 hours, one-stop fault declaration and acceptance services, as well as technical business consulting services. 365 days a year all-weather technical support response; Provide the most timely fault response;

Failure process

All users' fault declaration shall be tracked, processed and solved by our designated technical personnel in the whole process, and shall be counter-reported to users in written form within 1 working day after the fault declaration. The principle of designated personnel shall remain unchanged for the previous year. In case of any change due to special reasons, it shall be reported to the customer in writing within 15 days after the personnel adjustment.

1、Provide key customers with exclusive telephone consulting services.

2、Provide warranty and replacement service for spare parts of related equipment.

3、Perfect complaint channels, to provide customers with satisfactory services.


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