CCIT MPLS-VPN IP Private Network

 CCIT MPLS-VPN IP Private Network

The MPLS-VPN is built on CUnet or AS9929 network. It mainly uses Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to build an internal private network to realize internal data, voice, and image between multiple cross-border branches. A service for business communication.


Technical application note:

MPLS VPN is a network technology for multi-protocol label switching and transporting packets on Layer 2 and Layer 3 media. The switching path can be point-to-point, multi-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. It provides unique traffic class service (CoS) and quality of service (QoS). It can be set to prioritize unlatched, real-time traffic levels, assigning the right bandwidth for each application, and no longer freely competing for bandwidth. It supports high bandwidth utilization and low line rent.

The target customers are headquarters-type enterprises (IT companies, trade industry, news organizations, manufacturing, etc.), foreign-funded enterprises and offices.

The main application methods are:

1. Multi-branch enterprise interconnection (Intranet business): These companies have multiple branches in different locations. Most of them are enterprises with cross-domain voice and simple data requirements, and they do not have the ability to build private line networks across domains.

2. Enterprise and related partner interconnection (Extranet business): Some companies have frequent contacts with upstream and downstream business partners (suppliers or group customers), or have a large number of B2B business needs. MPLS-VPN provides a secure connection between business partners and also provides B2B's business model with greater security and reliability. Educational research institutions, news organizations, or group organizations can also use it to establish connections. 



1. Quickly connect to the world with SDH, ATM and FR

2. Low latency, high reliability, and SLA protocol

3. COS and QOS can effectively guarantee the utilization of data

4. Flexible networking, strong scalability, high security

5. The price of multi-point networking is low


Ø Flexible networking and simple maintenance

The client router is only connected to the network operator's local node router and not directly to other nodes of the customer network.

 The MPLS VPN routing information is stored on the router of the carrier and managed by the operator. The customer does not need to perform special maintenance and management.


Ø Maintain customer's original network planning

The MPLS-VPN service has no special requirements for the client device, and the general router is applicable. Therefore, the customer can continue to use the original device to effectively protect the user's investment.

 The MPLS-VPN service supports the use of private addresses. If the customer has an existing LAN, there is no need to change the address plan.



Ø Safe and reliable

Each customer routing table is independent, and transparent packet transmission is implemented according to MPLS label switching, and has a similar security level as traditional VPNs such as ATM and FR.

Customer's own data encryption guarantees data security.

 It is carried on the CU net (IP network), and automatically returns the traffic to the fault point when the fault occurs, which has high reliability.



Ø Multiple business integration

Traditional technology can only be implemented on three different networks, and users need to rent three different telecommunication services;

 Three communication applications are implemented on Netcom's MPLS-VPN on the same network, that is, "three networks in one."



Ø High-quality service guarantee

CU net relies on the powerful QOS capabilities provided by routers to provide critical communication quality by supporting different service levels and supporting different applications.

The MPLS-VPN core layer only performs Layer 2 switching of IP data packets according to MPLS labels, speeds up packet forwarding, reduces delay and jitter, increases network throughput, and greatly improves network quality assurance.

Different levels correspond to different prices to achieve differentiated services.


Product comparison: 







Committed bandwidth

Strictly guaranteed

Strictly guaranteed




Bandwidth burst










Bandwidth rate






















Network level

Physical layer

Data link layer

Data link layer

Data link layer

Network layer


Business type


Point to point

Point to point, point to multi-points


Point to point

Point to point, point to multi-points,multi-points to ponit

Point to point,point to multi-points,multi-points to ponit


No level

No level

5 levels

5 levels

5 levels



Access method


SDH, twisted pair + DTU or twisted pair + MODEM






ATM/FR, Ethernet, PPP




Fiber, Ethernet, SDH/DDN (N*64K), xDSL, ATM/FR, etc.

Network management service

Segmented network management

Segmented network management

End-to-end network management

End-to-end network management

End-to-end network management

Customer IP address leaked







Typical application case:


Freed from the versatile WAN maintenance work, concentrate on the internal network construction. Implement internal voice communication and unified Internet access

VPDN, video conferencing, voice line, hosting, corporate email, etc.


WK Real Estate National Network Project (Double Network for Backup)



Operation experience advantages

We are one of the largest fixed-line network operators in China, and our customers include: government, Banks, taxation, education, multinational companies and so on. We have won the trust of customers with its strong network guarantee and high-quality network service, which is also the concrete embodiment of the carrier-level network service pursued by other operators. After years of operation, we have provided a large number of customers with high-quality communication services and accumulated valuable experience.

Technical support for green channel

Our big customer and support departments at all levels of the project team, in voice, special line, data, image, the respect such as broadband integrated application of tailoring reasonable technical scheme for large customer, provide personalized technical services all the way, including network technology, business consulting, DaiWei network scheme, system integration, network, network testing, fault diagnosis, emergency communication, etc.;


Backup disaster recovery technical support

We understand the importance of ensuring that our customers have a reliable network to meet their needs. As a result, we have comprehensive backup solutions and disaster recovery plans to handle network outages in the shortest possible time. Our self-healing network design also ensures that our customers are connected to other routes to ensure that business operations are not affected.


After-sales service personnel team and reporting system

Our company is responsible for the project material supply, program design, engineering design, construction implementation, line debugging, operation, maintenance and other services.

After-sales service system

Maintenance center:

Responsible for routine maintenance, patrol inspection and emergency repair of the line, technical support and training for customers, and sorting out customer files and line data.

Call center:

Comprehensive coordination, tracking customer complaints and after-sales service and other links, to provide 24 hours of complaint service, timely help customers to solve difficult problems, so that customer requests or complaints are effectively and satisfactorily dealt with.


Key account center

Responsible for the business related work with customers, responsible for the organization of the return visit to customers, set up a special account manager responsible for customer service, tracking and coordination of various issues raised by customers.

Network engineering department:

Responsible for the customer's engineering project organization, implementation, acceptance and other work, and responsible for the large line relocation work.

Overall maintenance commitment of after-sales service

According to the specific requirements of this project, we will provide the maintenance service of the dedicated line within the contract period, and no additional line use and maintenance fees will be charged. The overall commitment is as follows:

Daily maintenance:

We have a unified platform to deal with the problem, and also set up a key customer service center, as the link between the contact and communication maintenance support department, responsible for collecting, tracking, processing, feedback of various problems reported by users, to provide the most intimate service to customers.

We have professional maintenance support personnel, can provide 7 x 24 hours of maintenance requirements, can provide users with stable network operation quality and timely information feedback.

We have professional technical improvement analysts who can guide and help users to improve all service quality. Stable support team, regular inspection, timely detection of hidden dangers, preventive measures to reduce line fault.

We shall inspect all end-to-end circuits, equipment and cables provided by all connection points of this project every six months, and submit the inspection results to customers in written form. If the circuit needs to be interrupted for switch due to maintenance reasons, our company will notify the purchaser to make relevant preparations at least 48 hours in advance (except for major natural disasters).


Fault handling

We provide designated account manager responsible for immediate response within 7 * 24 * 4 hours, one-stop fault declaration and acceptance services, as well as technical business consulting services. 365 days a year all-weather technical support response; Provide the most timely fault response;

Failure process

All users' fault declaration shall be tracked, processed and solved by our designated technical personnel in the whole process, and shall be counter-reported to users in written form within 1 working day after the fault declaration. The principle of designated personnel shall remain unchanged for the previous year. In case of any change due to special reasons, it shall be reported to the customer in writing within 15 days after the personnel adjustment.

1、Provide key customers with exclusive telephone consulting services.

2、Provide warranty and replacement service for spare parts of related equipment.

3、Perfect complaint channels, to provide customers with satisfactory services.


After-sale Contact 

China Unicom & CCIT International Private Leased Circuit(IPLC)Global customer service

  • Contact: Leo Zhao / Kristy Xia
  • Skype/Wechat/WhatsApp: + 86 18217367203 /+86 15214329814
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  • Fax: + 86 21-58714662
  • Customer Service Hotline: + 86 21 - 58718070 (7 * 24hrs)
  • Address: Room 509, No. 389 JinWan Road, Shanghai, China


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