Video Conference Solution Explaination

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Conferencing Systems are an integral part of modern day communication systems. The most impressive aspect of such systems is their global reach – people from across the globe can interact and share data. Sharing presentations on slides, desktop sharing, audio connection with everyone in the call, log on to URLs to access some application are amongst the important features present in audio video conferencing systems of today.

Advantages of Audio Video Conference Solutions
a, Global Connectivity.
b, Cost Reduction – Cost of travelling, cost of usage over traditional lines are far higher as  compared to conferencing over IP.
c, Improves productivity and saves time for employees.
d, Flexibility.
e, Systems integrated with the PBX system being used and mail systems – this helps in tracking the meetings and getting recordings of the same.
f, Security – Only people with the appropriate participant Ids can participate in such calls.
g, Improves the connect amongst employees and customers and brings in the personal touch, thus reinforcing relationships and creating a conducive work environment.                                   

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