Huawei next-generation S5720 series Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Number : G5AF3F601F0CDE Brand :HUAWEI


Huawei next-generation S5720 series Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Product Description

Advanced technology in a resilient Gbit/s switch for reliable, easy-to-manage access or aggregation in enterprise campus networks. 10 GE uplink ports enable comprehensive service-processing capabilities, and intelligent iStack technology provides easy scalability.

Based on Huawei’s next-generation, high-performance processors and Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), the S5720 switches provide larger table sizes and higher hardware-based processing capabilities than similar switches.

Choose from a broad range of fixed-port switches in 24-port and 48-port configurations to meet your precise requirements for wired and optical networking.



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Provide responsive access to multimedia content and server-based applications with Huawei S5720-EI Series Next-Generation Enhanced Gigabit Switches


Provides up to 48 GE ports plus up to 6 x 10 GE uplink ports with intelligent iStack technology to virtualize multiple switches and provide fast fail-over switching

Works as a Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) client that is plug-and-play with zero configuration for simplified network management

Comprehensive security features and Quality-of-Service (QoS) capabilities provide high-availability, low-latency forwarding performance

Models with pre-positive power sockets are designed for installation in a 300 mm deep cabinet, saving space and simplifying O&M