September qiandao lake, we are as agreed

In late summer and early autumn, the evening wind was slightly cool. On Friday, September 14, I got off work. The bus left at 6 PM on time. Therefore, the group tour of Shanghai chucheng group was officially started in 2018.

Beach fight? Is it a desert island? Is it high altitude? Adventure camping? Or the jungle? ...... Neither. By friends to previous democratic vote, more green, more health, more comfortable "thousand island around", has been the subject of our this tour group to build together stroll forest oxygen bar, wet drift with war,, bonfire party together, friendship, unity and interaction between brothers and sisters, in this activity in overflow, full.
Here, in chronological order, we review the moments of this wonderful journey in graphic form.
(1) it starts at 18:00 on September 14, 2018.
The journey is never dull.
(2) stay at the new century manju hotel on the night of September 14, 2018.
This group of Boss magnanimously let everyone enjoy the five-star hotel's supreme experience, we eat good sleep, then have the spirit to play better.
(3) walk the forest oxygen bar on the morning of September 15, 2018.
Climb mountains, breathe fresh air, exercise is physical and lung capacity. Walking through the forest and the wilderness, subhealth all go away.
(4) in the afternoon of September 15, 2018, battle gets wet and adrift.
What was the experience of diving from a mountain kayak? What is it like to soak in water for two hours? What was the experience of being covered by a helmet full of water? Those who have experienced it will know! The excitement is infinite and the aftertaste is endless, still want to come again!
(5) an emotional bonfire party in the evening of September 15, 2018.
BBQ, the talent contest. Cool breeze, lazy moonlight, bonfire, laughter.
The person who loses the game is going to perform.
Mandarin songs and cantonese songs; Fast songs and lyric songs; Old songs, new songs A good song never ends. This pleasant time is more beautiful and better because of singing.
(6) visit qiandao lake in the morning of September 16, 2018.
Get ready in the morning and go by boat to see the monkey.
The guide said it was a group of "robberies" who would come to snatch food when they saw it beyond the water. Look, there's a monkey in the monkey cage for flipping a tourist's dress.
At the bonfire party, everyone sang the song of "friend", but the time did not stop, three days and two nights, the unforgettable trip to qiandao lake came to an end. The next quarter of 2018, the next year of 2019, let's work together to make our fledgling group better and stronger with our hands. Next year, the year after, many years after, we continue with the beginning of the date, the appointment to visit in the higher places.